Philanthropy is deeply personal and is guided by the values and beliefs established early in life. Each donor’s interests, experiences, and expertise inform their philanthropic journey. Holly’s role is to serve as a thought partner and facilitator for that journey, ensuring that each donor creates an effective and fulfilling philanthropic strategy. She approaches her role with a spirit of partnership, in which each client’s values, knowledge, and experience find an abundant match with her expertise.

Building on themes from 10 discussion sessions with 67 community members and several leading national frameworks for nonprofit health and impact, CNE created the 7 Actionable Principles to build a shared understanding of a strong social impact sector and a supportive learning community of nonprofits and funders.

Holly’s strong belief in creating a culture of self-awareness and learning for philanthropy motivated her partnership with the CNE to develop funders’ principles. The website aims to be a place for donors and nonprofits to explore each principle, download workbooks, counter myths with realities, search tools and resources, and connect for more learning and support.


  • Experience with grantee portfolios across a wide range of issues and geographies
  • Eight years of nonprofit experience that has informed a trust-based philanthropic-style of advising
  • Education for Philanthropy Professionals – Certificate of Completion from the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (Stanford PACS)
  • As a 21/64 Certified Advisor, she brings access to 21/64’s proprietary tools, advanced training, and a network of peer experts, all of which deepen her client work.


Hatcher Consulting provides customized services to meet clients’ unique philanthropic needs in areas including Mission & Giving Strategy, Implementation, Multigenerational Giving, and Donor Collaboration.

About Holly

Holly founded Hatcher Consulting in 2012 to serve as a thought partner to individuals, families, corporations, and nonprofit organizations as they explore and implement philanthropic goals. Whether they are brand new to giving or experienced donors, her clients appreciate that she meets them where they are. Holly’s mission is to help donors transform their giving into strategic, impactful, and fulfilling philanthropy.

Holly offers a powerful combination of foundation and nonprofit expertise.