Impactful and fulfilling philanthropy taps into a deep sense of purpose. It is effective, meticulously administered, and relevant to future generations. No matter where you have been, or where you stand today, Hatcher Consulting works to support you on that path.

All services are customized to meet clients’ unique philanthropic needs, including:


Be confident in your philanthropic purpose.

Understanding what matters most to donors is foundational for effective philanthropy. As a 21/64 certified advisor, Holly is experienced at leading purposeful conversations on philanthropic values, legacy, and objectives.

Through individual consultations and facilitated family discussions, Holly helps clients clarify a compelling mission statement to serve as guidepost for their future philanthropic work. From there, she works with clients to design giving strategies that will generate meaningful impact on the issues they care most about.


Breathe life into your strategy.

For donors who prefer to keep it simple, or who need to augment existing resources, Holly offers customized implementation services, including:

Holly helps her clients take their missions to the next level with subject- and region-specific research, extensive issue analysis, and stakeholder interviews. This process enables clients to delve into issues they care about, explore new approaches to change, and identify the best opportunities for impact.

Grantmaking is the technical implementation of clients’ giving decisions. This work includes due diligence on new nonprofits, asset allocation and budgeting, and expert representation to grantees. Equally as important as this front-end work is the value Holly provides after the grant: monitoring, evaluation, and ongoing learning.


Engage every generation.

As a 21/64 certified advisor, Holly supports diverse multigenerational strategies, including:

Family Philanthropy
Every family – and every family member – is unique. Holly works with clients to prepare for the inevitable transfer of philanthropic leadership across generations. To do this, she creates a stable process that includes plans to educate, share information with, and align giving missions among family members. Most importantly, Holly’s approach to this delicate work honors both your family’s shared mission and the individuality of each member.

Next-Generation Initiatives
Holly is a strong believer in the democratization of philanthropy, including the engagement of young generations. To that end, she works with individuals in their teens, twenties, and thirties to create collective giving programs that channel their energy and purpose. Thanks to these newcomers, philanthropy is changing. Holly has the training and experience to assist young donors as they make their mark on philanthropy and the causes they care about.


Scale your impact for systems level change.

Collaborative grantmaking is a powerful lever for change. Whether they are implementing a full-scale collaborative effort or just beginning to gauge potential, Holly supports her clients at every step of the way – from analyzing issues, to researching partners, to assessing alignment, to navigating relationships. She is experienced and fully equipped to both launch and maintain collaborative philanthropic strategies.

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